Management Structure


REMM Oil Services has a strong, capable and experienced Board of Directors and Senior Management; a multinational team to provide leadership, strength and depth of knowledge to manage and grow the business, to maintain it’s current status as a leader in Machine Shop Services within Nigeria.

Key personnel as follow:

Mr. Anton Mildner – Chairman and CEO. 

Owner of REMM Oil Services, a Canadian Businessman having many years experience in running businesses in West Africa.

Robert Seivwright – Operational Manager

Bob has worked in the oil and gas industry since leaving school in 1972. He is a time proven toolmaker/machinist, having served in the North Sea industry for many years. Bob moved to Remm Nigeria in 1993 and worked as our Machine shop manager for 10 years, including setting up a new shop in Cameroon. Bob moved on to Sudan and set up shop for GNPOC in Heglig and then to Kuwait and Angola for Spie. While with Spie, a French International company, he opened a new facility with top of the range CNC equipment. Bob has an excellent background within the oil and gas industry, ranging from Machining, Fabrication, QA/QC and as importantly working with a multitude of Nationalities and Cultures, within many different environments.

Mr. Clinton Momberg – Operational Manager.

Clinton has 6 years Oil & Gas experience gained in West Africa. He has achieved various certifications related to engineering and design before and while involved in the automotive industry. Clinton has extensive experience with CNC programming, CAD design and CAM on various multi-axis CNC lathes and mills spanning 19 years. He joined Remm in 2008 as a CNC programmer threading API & Premium connections. In 2010 he was promoted to Onne Shop Manager.

Mr. Naas Olivier– Machine Shop/Fabrication Manager. 

Naas is a qualified turning machinist, CNC milling and turning programmer. He has a lot of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has been working in the Oilfield for 25 years now, 3 ½ years in Angola oil and pipe line as a CNC programming supervisor, 6 ½ years as a machine shop supervisor. He joined Remm in 2010 as CNC programming supervisor. During this period, he qualified Remm on all the Grant Prideco licenses which include HT55, DS55, TT585, XT57, and XTM69. Considering his versed experienced in oilfield, Naas was appointed as the machine shop manager by Remm in 2014. 

Mr. Wilson Aruegbe – Asst. Machine Shop Manager.

A Mechanical Engineering graduates and trained and was the QA/QC Inspector and CNC Operator with over 14 years experience with Remm.

Mr. Macdonld Ogbu – B.Eng, QA/QC Manager,

An Engineering graduate, MacDonld has 7 years extensive working experience in QA/QC and Quality Management, within the Oil and Gas industrythe Oil and Gas industry.

Mr. Tarri Opubo – (Engr) – HSES Officer

Has over six years’ industrial working experiences in the engineering construction and oil and gas industry. Have undergone several safety courses, good knowledge in safety procedures, with effective strategies to reduce risk and improve safety in work environment. He is a young man that has introduced innovation in HSES    matters in the company.


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